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About Us

Commenced in 2020, Aatirah Fleur is synonymous with being your one-stop luxury gifting partner. Our mission is simple- to inspire, delight, and satisfy our customers when expressing life’s beautiful and treasure-worthy moments. Aatirah Fleur is known to be one of the most unique, and memorable gifting solutions, striving to deliver a top-notch service every single time. We are the world's leading expert and original home to the personal video arrangements. We also provide handmade luxury floral arrangements in a beautiful box of your choice. 
Being true to its image in the market, the Aatirah Fleur arrangements have already won the hearts of several esteemed clients in a very short span of time.

Aatirah Fleur is not just here to make your life easy with creating that perfect gift but also to go one step ahead and make it extra special with our original personalized video arrangements, handmade with love. Our video arrangements come in an array of different sizes and colors and you can add preserved roses to the box which are available in more than 9 colors, customize it with any specific letter, number, or symbol design. Our preserved roses are caught at their peak state at our farm and are then preserved in a non-toxic wax-based solution to ensure they’re durable and have a forever life ahead. This gives our customers a beautiful memory to hold onto because not only does the video always stay with them, but the roses do too.

Aatirah Fleur also designed luxurious suede and canvas boxes to compliment the luscious roses. With each and every box handmade the high quality standards are always met. We view Aatirah Fleur as the highest quality floral gifting solution and we will keep that up until the end of time. 

 You can rely on us with your special occasions and even reminisce the beautiful moments, be it surprising your spouse on their birthday or celebrating a victory of a friend, be it making your partner feel special or pampering them a little extra, just because. We at, Aatirah Fleur are determined to bring a smile on your face. 

Where words are not enough, Aatirah Fleur comes to your rescue.