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Are the roses real?

-Yes, our roses are real. Their growth is stopped at their most perfect state using non toxic products.

How long do the roses last?

-Our roses last up to three years when cared for properly. 

Can I get any box without roses?

-Our square and heart boxes are available without roses.

Does the box produce sound?

-Yes! All of our boxes are equipped with a speaker. The box will play any sound or music from your video!

How do I get the video in the box?

-We provide a USB cable that connects to any computer! We also provide detailed instructions to ensure an easy and successful upload. 

I don't have a computer, can I still add a video?

-If you do not have the means to download the video please upload your video directly to our website before adding the item to your cart!

Do you provide editing services or do we have to create the videos ourselves?

-You will need to create the videos. We recommend using a slideshow format to fit as many videos and photos as possible! Once a video is sent to us we can not add a new sound, add more videos, or edit the video in any other way. 

Do you ship internationally?

- We do ship our rose boxes internationally, however we do not ship the video boxes internationally yet.

 How long do deliveries take?

-Our delivery time is 1-3 business days for United States orders and 7-10 days for international orders.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

-We do not accept any returns or exchanges at this time, to make sure we are up to par with our sanitary guidelines during this pandemic.