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The History Of Preserved Roses

The technology created to ensure roses last forever was first created by Jeanette Lambert and her husband Paul Lambert in the late 70s. 

The main difficulty that had to be faced when creating the preserved rose was the selection of the required concentration of the stabilizing composition, since the flower should not turn out to be dry which would make it brittle, or wet which would slow down the process. Another difficulty they had is that the quality of the  flower depends on the time interval between cutting and the stabilization process. The more time passes after cutting the flower, the more difficult the stabilization process is. After some time they came up with a great solution that worked!

Since then many different farms decided to create modernized solutions to preserve roses. Each farm has their own unique way to preserve a flower. Since the process is so tedious it takes a lot of time, patience, and attention to detail for just one single rose. Our farm has a very strict quality standard when it comes to preserving flowers. We use a non toxic wax based solution at the rose's base so each rose believes it is at it's peak for life! We make sure to preserve our roses in the most delicate way to ensure each and every petal stays looking fresh!